Security is extremely important at NACA.  Each family will be given a unique security code to allow access into the building.  The keypads are located next to the front door. For the safety and security of all children in our program, please do not share your child’s entrance code with others. If someone other than the parent will be picking up your child, please have him or her ring the bell for admittance.

Each child must be signed in and out each day with a unique pass code by the parent or person whose name is on the enrollment form. CHILDREN MUST BE ESCORTED BY AN ADULT, BOTH ENTERING AND LEAVING THE BUILDING. If someone other than the parent will be picking up your child, there must be written documentation stating parental permission. They will need to present a valid driver’s license before entering a classroom in order to take your child with them. A notarized court order must be on file if custody is an issue.

In the event that a child has not been picked up by 7:15pm and the parent has not contacted us, we will attempt to reach the parent, as well as two individuals listed as emergency contacts.  If there is no success in reaching any of these, the authorities will be called.

Parent Visitation
Parents have access to NACA at any time that your child is in attendance. However to ensure everyone’s safety, you need to immediately make your presence known to the person in charge upon your arrival and prior to removing the child from the center.