GA Pre-K

What is Georgia’s Pre-K Program?
Georgia’s Pre-K Program is a state lottery funded educational program for all eligible four-year-old children in Georgia. Children four years of age on September 1 of the current school year who are Georgia residents are eligible to attend Georgia’s Pre-K Program during this school year. The purpose of Georgia’s Pre-K Program is to prepare children for success in Kindergarten and later school years. Registration is based on a first come, first serve order of those who have all of the required documents in hand.

How do I enroll my child in next school year at NACA’s Georgia’s Pre-K Program?
Step 1. CLICK HERE to begin the enrollment process for NACA’s GA Pre-K program.

Step 2.  Bring or mail the following GA Pre-K required documents to the NACA office for verification from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm
(PLEASE NOTE: office closed from 2:00pm to 3:00pm)
*Child’s Birth Certificate or Proof of Birth (four years old on or before September 1st of present school year)
*Copy of Child’s Social Security Card
*Proof of GA Residency (acceptable proof-of-residency includes a lease, mortgage, utility bill)
*Medical Insurance Card
*Parent/Guardian’s state issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License)
*Completed Immunization Form #3231(shot record)
*Completed Form #3300(hearing|dental|vision)

Step 3.When your required documentation has been verified, you will receive an email with the following forms and you agree to and complete all current online forms:
*GA Pre-K Registration Form – English (if needed, Spanish forms available upon request)
*GA Pre-K Parental Agreement – English

Step 4. Upon review of the above completed GA Pre-K forms, you will receive an confirmation email that your spot is reserved for the upcoming school year and the date and time of the GA Pre-K mandatory Parent Orientation. Or if we our GA Pre-K classes are full, your name will put on the wait list in the order the GA Pre-K documents were completed for the upcoming school year.

Step 5. During the first week of May, you will receive an email with the following Bright From The Start required enrollment forms and you agree to and complete all current online forms:
*NACA Enrollment Form
*NACA Family Handbook Form
*NACA Transportation Form
*NACA Vehicle Emergency Medical Form

Step 6. Mandatory Parent Orientation in July will include completing the final enrollment form: *Bright from the Start ~ Child Adult Care Food Program Eligibility Form along with all other pertinent information needed for your child to have a successful year.

We want to ensure that GA Pre-K parents are aware that the GA Pre-K program follows the Paulding County School calendar. This means that the GA Pre-K program is closed during five (5) weeks of holiday breaks, four (4) scheduled off days and thirteen (13) early release days.

If you need care for those 42 days during the school year, Noah’s Ark Christian Academy (known as NACA in the remainder of this informational sheet) has an all inclusive Before/After School Care program which allows your child to come before school as early as 6:00am, stay after school until 7:00pm and provides all day care in a ‘camp’ experience for those long week school breaks. The weekly tuition is $79.00 and includes your GA Pre-K meal charge. If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, contact Ms. Lindsay for registration.

All of Noah’s Ark Christian Academy’s Georgia Pre-K program communications will be made via email to the address you list on your enrollment form. It is your responsibility to keep it up to date with the office. Please be sure that this user/address is listed as acceptable in any spam-blocking software that you or your email provider uses.
We have an open door policy and encourage parental involvement. Any questions that arise should first be addressed to your child’s teacher. If you still have particular questions that they are unable to assist you with, feel free to contact Ms. Lindsay Childers, Center Director, to setup an appointment.

Safety first! Therefore, the following procedures are mandatory for all parents to follow each morning:
GA Pre-K 1 Class cannot arrive any earlier than 7:20 am and no later than 7:40 am
GA Pre-K 2 Class cannot arrive any earlier than 7:45 am and no later than 8:00 am
*Enter our driveway and turn left up the gravel driveway.
*Teachers will be at the designated GA Pre-K gate at drop off time.
*NACA staff will have a tablet or sign out sheet for you to sign your child out as you drop them off.
If it is necessary for you to come inside for any reason, do so after the NACA staff has received them and you have parked and turned off your vehicle in one of NACA’s available designated parking spaces.

Everyday the following procedures are mandatory for all parents to follow each afternoon:
GA Pre-K 1 Class cannot arrive any earlier than 2:10 pm and no later than 2:25 pm
GA Pre-K 2 Class cannot arrive any earlier than 2:30 pm and no later than 2:45 pm
*Enter our driveway and turn left up the gravel driveway.
*Teachers will be at the designated GA Pre-K gate at pick up time.
*NACA staff will have a tablet or sign out sheet for you to sign your child out as you pick them up.
You are also welcome to park if you would like to speak with the teachers or administration or if you would like to come into the building for any reason.

We strongly encourage that your child(ren) have a backpack (labeled with their name)
We provide sanitary cots for daily nap time (NOTICE: you are to provide personal sheets and blankets, NO pillows are permitted, all linens are to be taken home EVERY Friday)

Your child may come to school in the prescribed NACA uniform Monday through Thursday every week. Parents are responsible for the ordering and purchasing of your child’s uniforms from only the vendor listed below. Friday is casual day. Your extra outfit can be casual clothes.
Each child must enter the center completely dressed everyday (closed toe shoes at all times and coats included). We ask that you bring two changes of clothing and a jacket for the cooler days, labeled with your child’s name. NACA is not responsible for any damaged clothing. Please remember to label all items brought into the center for your child.
Uniform Standards:
Khaki Bottoms (shorts, capris, jumpers, skirts or pants)
(washable and adaptable to food or paint spills)
Blue Uniform Shirts w/NACA logo (short sleeve)

Please Note: (CLICK HERE for the entire School Policy) We ask that for your child’s comfort and to reduce the risk of contagion, children be picked up within 1.5 hours of notification. Children need to remain home for 24 hours without symptoms before returning to the program. In the case of a (suspected) contagious disease or continuing symptoms, a doctor’s note may be required before returning.
Children who have been excluded may return when: They are free of fever; vomiting, and diarrhea for a full 24 hours. They have been treated with an antibiotic for a full 24 hours. They are to participate comfortably in all usual program activities, including outdoor time. They are free of open skin conditions unless: The child’s health-care provider signs a note stating that the child’s condition is not contagious, and; The involved areas can be covered by a bandage. If a child is excluded because of a reportable communicable disease, a doctor’s note stating that the child is no longer contagious and may return is required. The final decision whether to exclude a child from the program due to illness will be made by the child care center.
**Note: All medications, both prescription and nonprescription, and notes allowing for a child’s return to the Center after an exclusion due to illness must originate from the child’s health-care provider. In neither instance is a document written by the parent/guardian acceptable.
Also note that in the event of accident or injury, parents are responsible for all medical expenses.

GA Pre-K prepares your child and your family for elementary school. GA Pre-K also requires a full instructional day of 6.5 hours. Absences and tardies are recorded on your child’s record. If your child will be absent, you must call and return with an excuse note.
GA Pre-K guidelines state:
Children who do not attend on a regular basis, are routinely late or routinely leave the program early may be disenrolled. In addition, children are absent for ten consecutive days without a medical or other reasonable explanation must be disenrolled from the program. Chronic tardiness is defined as late arrival or early departure more than once per week.

GA Pre-K follows the Paulding County School system. If you are enrolled in the Before/After School Care program, NACA communicates any delays or closures via email, Facebook and Remind texting service. (CLICK HERE for the entire School Policy)