‘ClubN’ Our ALL inclusive Before/After School & PCS Break Weeks Enrichment Program

The mission of Noah’s Ark Christian Academy’s ClubN (our before and after school program) is to provide a positive and nurturing environment in which to enhance the development of each child. It is our commitment to teaching moral, intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual development. We provide a solid foundation from which children can achieve their ultimate potential.

Our goals for the ClubN children are to have active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We do this with specific intent for everyone involved: the children, their parents, and our staff.

  • For our children, we provide nondenominational Christian interactive teaching of the Old and New Testaments in Chapel each day.
  • We have weekly special activities in sign language, foreign language, science, physical exercise, cooking, and art projects. This supplements their education by introducing a more kinesthetic approach to hands-on learning.
  • For our parents, we provide their child with homework help, cover school closures and break weeks and involve them in a newsletter called “Make It Stick” emphasizing the Biblical teaching of the week.
  • In order to ensure we have the highest quality staff, we provide a personalized development plan and relevant training.
  • In addition, we have a resident staff Shepherd to mentor our children, parents, and staff on faith and life issues.

The vision for our afterschool program is to assist parents in providing children with activities, tutoring, and childcare during the hours of the day that can be the most damaging time for children if left without guidance. These after-school hours are devoted to presenting them with options of a faith-based approach to counter the cultural pressures to which they are constantly subjected, the foremost being over-exposure to inappropriate social media and internet content. 

We are committed to giving these children a much-needed safe place that will provide meaningful experiences. This, in turn, will build their self-confidence and provide them with some essential tools needed to make healthier life choices than those of their peers who are involved in activities that could have a negative impact on their lives. We want to be a youth organization that is committed to raising the standard to a level that can and will impact the future of our communities, cities, and ultimately, the nation.

Who can enroll? NACA’s GA Pre-K Students & Paulding County School Students (Kindergarten through Fifth Grades at Baggett, Hiram, Panter Elementary Schools ONLY)

What is the ClubN Program? Our school-age children are offered a challenging, stimulating environment for learning and perfecting skills. We build on their elementary school day by providing opportunities in the creative arts, reading and writing, team and individual projects, athletics, clubs, and hobbies. The school-age room is equipped with materials specially selected to meet the needs and interests of this age group.

Extra after-school activities? We have it all!

*Bachelor Degree Teachers (homework assistance)
*Daily Chapel (featuring Bible Heroes, Verse Memorization, Bible Skits, Spanish, and Yoga)
*Fun Fridays (featuring Science Experiments, Cooking Activities, Fitness Trail/Obstacle Course, and Art Projects)
*Supper Served Daily (whole grain, protein, vegetable, fruit, and milk)
*Bible-based School Break Camps with Field Trips (included in enrichment program pricing)
*Make It Stick (click here to see a sample weekly lesson plan)

CLICK HERE to learn what are NACA’s pricing and tuition policies.

I’m ready! How do I enroll my child in the NACA’s ClubN Program?

CLICK HERE to begin the enrollment inquiry process for NACA’s ClubN program.

Step 1. You will be asked to scan or take a clear picture of the following documents and email them to comptroller@noahsark-christianacademy.com:

*Child’s Birth Certificate or Proof of Birth (three years old)

*Current completed Immunization Form #3231 (shot record)

*Medical Insurance Card

*Parent/Guardian’s state-issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License)

Step 2. When a proposed enrollment date is available, you will receive an email with the following required Bright From the Start annual enrollment forms to complete:

*NACA Tuition Contract and Policies

*Child Enrollment Form

*Child Transportation Form

*Child Vehicle Emergency Medical Form

*Child Authorization to Dispense External Preparations Form

*Behavior Policies

*Family Handbook

*Parent Orientation

Step 3. When NACA has reviewed all of your submitted documents and completed forms, you will receive a confirmation email with the final needed information several days ahead of the Monday enrollment date.